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Restoring the Stained Glass Windows at Haslemere Museum

Updated: May 6, 2018

Two beautifully painted stained glass windows in Haslemere Museum were in need of restoration and I was very happy to be asked to take on the project. The left hand window had five panels missing and the right hand window, although mostly in tact, had a badly damaged panel that needed to be taken apart, painted and rebuilt. The brief was to restore the missing panels in the manner of the existing panels.

Museum windows with missing panels

The project took over a year to complete and involved putting a team together. Alongside myself, Flora Jamieson (glass painter) and Clive Hoskins (heritage glazier) worked hard to bring the windows back to their former glory. You can see some of the process and the finished windows in the slide show below.

The Museum reception area now looks complete. It's hard to tell the new panels from the originals and it's wonderful to see the silver stain reflected onto the walls on a sunny day.

Completed project

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